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Picture Books
– Author/Illustrator
– Anything outer space
– A relatable character we follow through different experiences
– Lyrical prose
– Non-fiction
– Humorous
– Historical

(Recent fav reads: Front Desk, The Night Gardener, Ghost, Small Spaces, The Thing About Jellyfish)
– #Ownvoices
– Anything with graveyards or ghosts
– Space camp
– Spooky with humor
– Homeschoolers
– Page turning non-fiction
– Anything with a twinge of magic
– Graphic Novels

(Recent fav reads: Slay, Wilder Girls, You Should See Me In a Crown, Sadie, Caraval, Three Dark Crowns, The Cheerleaders)
– #Ownvoices
– Historical Fantasy with magic
– Thriller
^ These are at the TOP of my #MSWL right now!!
– A lush fantasy a la Caraval
– Dark sister story
– Colorful rom-com
– Atmospheric and secluded settings

Overall: Diversity within my list is very important to me. I want stories that reflect the world around us. I’m searching for stories with characters I can’t help but root for and a voice that grabs hold of me and won’t let go.

ANTI: At this time, I’m not the best fit for: Gods/Goddesses or Paranormal–except ghosts. NO school or mass shootings. NO assault.



I look forward to your query 🙂

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