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Picture Books
(Recent fav reads: Eyes that Kiss in the Corner, I’ll Love you ‘Till the Cows Come Home, They all Saw a Cat)
– Author/Illustrator
– Commercial
– Anything outer space
– A relatable character we follow through different experiences
– Lyrical prose
– Unique non-fiction about unknown persons or journeys
– Anything whacky, zany, or filled with off the wall humor
– Books that you could see as a series or tv show

(Recent fav reads: Front Desk, The Night Gardener, Ghost, Small Spaces, The Thing About Jellyfish)
– Graveyards & Ghosts
– Space Camp!
– Spooky with humor
– Homeschoolers
– Anything with a touch of magic!
– Familial relationships & friendship
– Contemporary best friend stories filled with adventures and/or quests

(Recent fav reads: Slay, Wilder Girls, You Should See Me In a Crown, Sadie, Caraval, Three Dark Crowns, The Cheerleaders, Rules for Vanishing)
– Historical Fantasy with magic
– Spine-tingling Thrillers
– A lush fantasy a la Caraval
– Dark, gritty stories with a feminist bent
– Dark sister story
– Rom-coms!
– Atmospheric and secluded settings

Overall: Diversity within my list is very important to me. I want stories that reflect the world around us, stories from BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, and underrepresented creators. I’m searching for stories with characters I can’t help but root for even if their journey isn’t quite what we expect, and voice that grabs hold of me and won’t let go. Books that can be pitched in one hooky line or comped to movies, pop-culture, songs, etc.

ANTI: At this time, I’m not the best fit for: Gods/Goddesses, Fae, or Paranormal–except ghosts unless completely fresh. NO school or mass shootings. NO on-the-page assault.



I look forward to your query 🙂

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