Editing Services

As a literary agent, I’ve reviewed thousands of queries and first pages. I know what it takes to make a book stand out. From query critiques to full manuscript developmental editing, I can help refine your writing by evaluating your story for voice, structure, and pacing, as well as overall marketability. I will review your characters and language to be sure they progress the story. My editing style is encouraging with compliments on what is working, thought-provoking questions, and actionable ways to improve.

Packages & Pricing

Not sure what package is right for you? Please feel free to reach out via the form below, I’d be happy to answer any questions!

Query Critique

Submission Package – Query & first 5 pages

Full Picture Book Services

Picture Books are my specialty and this is the most involved editing package I offer. I will read and review your picture book with in-text editing suggestions, line-by-line editing for rhythm and syntax, and ask thought provoking questions.


-1 page reader report for voice, pacing, character arc, plot, setting, & more.
-Query critique
-Line by line edits
-In-text comments
Up to 500 words – $500
Up to 1000 words – $750


Contact me below for coaching services or longer manuscript edits.

Questions? Ready to take the next step in getting your book edited or want to hire me for ghostwriting? Fill out the form below!

About Me

I’m a former literary agent and have worked in the publishing industry since 2017 interning with publishers and literary agencies. I have a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Creative Writing and Education. As an agent, I edited and sold books to Beaming Books, Simon&Schuster, and HarperCollins. I love seeing a book come to life on the page and helping writers pursue their dream of writing a children’s book!


  • I cannot publish your picture book nor suggest agents or editors.
  • I will not edit a book I think is submission ready.
  • Please format: 12 pt Times New Roman, double spaced, and 1-inch margins.
  • I require a contract for all manuscript edits.
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